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If only Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich could find a way to all hold tri-presidential powers.


‘Tis the season…


by Jim Palombo

Politics Editor

As the new year comes upon us there is a tendency to get a bit wishful. And although we live in the “land of plenty”, especially as compared to the rest of the world, there always seems a little more that we can at least hope might come our way. That spirit being noted I thought of a few things that on a societal level I might ask to be delivered. They probably will not happen, but then again, as we tell our young ones, the wishing can’t hurt.

My first wish would be that somehow, perhaps through a magical sense of legitimate political integrity and honest regard for our American experiment, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich could find a way to all hold tri-presidential powers, leading our country’s way into a future filled with the theoretical and practical presence our history deserves. In other words, the wish would entail these three wise people bringing us to a level of understanding, via an integration of their liberal, conservative and socialist views, which has never before been seen in the good ol U.S. of A. In essence it would be a collaborative union that would serve to bring our country to a real, honest-to- goodness state of non-partisan, working together affairs.

Of course I can hear the naysayers out there, those who see this idea as completely preposterous. I mean how could these individuals possibly work together? What would happen with all the varying issues? Who would have the last say? Wouldn’t the country come to a standstill over all the important concerns? Well, all I can say to those scrooges is that these possibilities sort of ring a bell – and I don’t mean of the silver, holiday kind. Moreover, at least if this struggle happened with just those three, we as citizens would get a better sense of what the differences and yes, similarities, actually are.

Okay, okay, a humdinger of a wish, I’ll grant you that. The second one however, perhaps in the less of a humdinger category, might have a better chance of coming true. In short, imagine a grand study being undertaken, involving a large number of academic institutions across the country, with individuals from differing disciplines and differing political agendas, with the aim of shedding light on what it is we are in the U.S. and what it is we are trying to accomplish. In essence the process would set the frame for what our actual growth model might look like. Wouldn’t this be something? Heck, from a people, technology and institutional perspective the resources are already in place, so why not make it happen?

Setting up this kind of frame would include referencing the mandates of our economic system – which is capitalism, linked to the mandates of our political system – which is a democracy. These elements could then be translated into what liberals, conservatives and alternate thinkers think regarding public policies. The result would then help us all in getting a sense of what our economic, political and social/public good interests are and could be – which in turn would speak to both our national and international concerns. (Including what are military objectives might be.) We could also include religious/spiritual variables as well as those that link thoughts related to the capabilities related to the historical character/quality of human nature. It could then be that the results of this study would be disseminated across the spectrum of secondary, post-secondary and adult/public arenas for review. Think of it, ideas discussed in a civilized manner across the country, with  esearch and other follow-up efforts in the offing. Why we might even find some solutions to our ills that before seemed impossible. I mean deck the halls!


Well, without getting further carried away, I think you get the essence of my holiday wishes. As noted they may be a bit too grand, but who really knows how all this wish-stuff works anyway. And in this light, why not give’em a try?  After all, particularly given our current state of confusing and chaotic affairs, this just might be the season for them to come true.

*In terms of both these “wishful” thoughts please link to the previous Ragazine .cc article “Primer for the Primaries.” In short it provides an informative review of the liberal, conservative and socialist platforms that we are currently engaged with. In this context the material relates to the Clinton, Kasich and Sanders campaigns as well as to any economic-political-social study that we might undertake.


Politics editor James Palombo’s work focuses on issues related to social, political and economic concerns in the U.S. and abroad. He is the author of several books, the most prominant being his autobiographical discourse, “Criminal to Critic-Reflections Amid The American Experiment,” Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. The book chronicles his experiences from drug dealer and convict to social worker, professor, world traveler and public policy advocate. While continuing to travel he divides his time mainly between Endicott, New York, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.