A Distant Embrace That Beckons, collage by William Wolak

  Unpredictable Pleasures You’re a shipwreck rusting into sand, but keep the wind’s sighing inside your tattered sails even when the world seems cold as a coffin’s white silk lining. Like the breathlessness of sparks, the unpredictable pleasures of love always arrive capriciously. The one who demands burning never neglects kindling; every raging fire begins by igniting parched twigs. The one who demands burning never regrets singed hair or scorched flesh. If the embrace of fire suddenly opens before you, become the rain’s kisses locked in wood.  

About the poet:

Bill Wolak

“I write poems, translate poetry, make collages, and take photographs.  The creative energy and drive for self expression is the same in all of the above; for me, it’s simply a question of what materials are at hand and where my attention is focused at any particular time.  My first love is poetry, so that’s where I expend most of my time and creative energy.” You can see and read more of Bill’s work here: https://www.ragazine.cc/2016/07/william-wolakwords-and-images/