Frank Nagel photo

Mary Ocher, with Felix Kubin, one of Fred’s February picks….

  TAKE TEN     Category: Forgotten Brazilian Guitarists Song Title: Amor de Argentina Artist: Américo Jacomino Year: 1928 Link: Category: Arabic language James Brown Cover Song Title: Sid Redad Artist: Fadoul Year: 1980s Link: Category: Secret Barcelona Song Title: Rutinas Artist: Kremlynb Year: 1983 Link: Category: Archaeological Discoveries Song Title: Anaa Qaylodhaankaan Artist: Iftiin Band feat. Mahmud Abdalla “Jerry” Hussen Year: 1988 Link: Category:  Counterculture Collaborations Song Title: Hayda Artist: Derya Yildirim / Tellavision Year: 2017 Link: Category: Mysterious Avant Garde Song Title: Wulkania Artist: Mary Ocher / Felix Kubin Year: 2017 Link: Category: Relaxed Punk From Hamburg Song Title: Oki Doki Artist: Swutscher Year: 2016 Link: Category: Twin Peaks Inspired Expressions of Femininity Song Title: The Pink Room Artist: Mei Year: 2017 Link: Category: Extreme Exotica Song Title: Mariguana Artist: Akos Stefi Year: 1958 Link: Category:  Prescient Release Song Title: Obey Artist: Lonesome Hot Dudes Year: 2017 Link: