Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash


Barcelona Underground

Category: Creation of new universes Song Title: Catalepsia Artist: Neuronium Year: 1977 Link: Category: Magical hypnosis experiences Song Title: Me Voy A Tomar El Orient Express Artist: Eduardo Polonio Year: 1973? Link: Category: Genre-bending redefinitions Song Title: Ciència ficció Artist: Suck Electrònic Enciclopèdic Year: 1975 Link: Category: Music the members of Kraftwerk dance to Song Title: No Tape Artist: Idee Du Femelle Year: 1986 Link: Category: Songs to go back in time and see live Song Title: Lamento Artist: New Buildings Year: 1983 Link: Category: Industrial-jazz fusions Song Title: Frigolín Artist: Víctor Nubla Year: 1983 Link: Category: Avant-garde on acoustic instruments still works Song Title: El mar sota la neu Artist: Agustí Fernández Year: 1986 Link: Category: The omnipresence of Lou Reed’s spirit Song Title: Walk on the wild side Henry the Horse Artist: Superelvis Year: 1989 Link: Category: Art imitates noise, noise imitates art Song Title: Asma Artist: Macromassa Year: 1987 Link: Category: Post-war roots of secret Barcelona Song Title: Fandanguillo en Jazz Artist: Luis Rovira y su orquesta (with Don Byas) Year: 1947 Link:  
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