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Category: Dark horse hits Song Title: Patrice And Her Weirdness Artist: Vancouver Undercover Year: 2017 Link: https://vancouver-undercover.bandcamp.com/track/patrice-and-her-weirdness Category: Albums produced by ex-Faust members Song Title: No t’aturis mai Artist: Qa’a Year: 2013 Link: https://qaamagiaroja.bandcamp.com/track/no-taturis-mai Category: Sonic surrealities Song Title: El Avión Artist: Motor Combo Year: 2012 Link: https://laollaexpressrecords.bandcamp.com/track/17-el-avi-n Category: Avant excursions Song Title: La Teoria dels Forats Blancs Artist: Florenci Salesas Year: 2016 Link: https://laollaexpressrecords.bandcamp.com/album/la-teoria-dels-forats-blancs Category: Sweet seductions Song Title: Fantasy Artist: Samantha de Siena Year: 2012 Link: https://soundcloud.com/samantha-de-siena/2-fantasy Category: Most fun, dance and culture in you can get in five minutes Song Title: Cinc Minuts Artist: Dúmbala Canalla Year: 2005 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEQBfFNV9mg Category: Live to the max Song Title: Nine Whole Lives Artist: Amanda Jayne Year: 2007 Link: https://amandajaynez.bandcamp.com/track/nine-whole-lives Category: Spiritual guitar Song Title: Ostara Artist: Iyari Year: 2018 Link: https://iyari.bandcamp.com/album/ostara Category: Seedy sins Song Title: My Love For You Artist: Side Chick Year: 2018 Link: https://foehnrecords.bandcamp.com/album/side-chick-my-love-for-you Category: Catalan ladies Song Title: La Gent Gran Artist: Pentina’t Lula Year: 2018 Link: https://pentinatlula.bandcamp.com/track/la-gent-gran Category: Guiding lights Song Title: Eins Artist: J.G.G. Year: 2018 Link: https://cutsurface.bandcamp.com/track/eins Category: Best song title Song Title: Stockhausen Melancolic Jazz Artist: Lubianka Year: 2015 Link: https://lubianka.bandcamp.com/track/stockhausen-melancolic-jazz  
  About the playlister: Fred Roberts is a native of Cincinnati living in Germany since 1987 who enjoys subverting the arbitrary commercial process in which great works often go unrecognized. He has a dual B.S. in Computer Science and Psychology from Northern Kentucky University (1984) and a Masters in Psychology from Bielefeld Universität (1999). He contributed short stories to the early ezine “D A D A RIVISTA CULTURALE E/O TELEMATICA” (1995/96), and later to the short-lived Greenbeard Magazine, in 1997 receiving a Google Blog of Note citation for his Weblog indeterminacy.blogspot.com where he wrote 428 “one-minute short stories” inspired by found photos. Fred is also creator and designer of Elbot.com, an award-winning AI system. His interests include literature, film, photography and discovering all the well-kept sounds Europe has to offer. Check out Fred’s column for May-June