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Mosaic Canyon-2

Photographer Spotlight  


Larry Hamill’s NextGen

Every few years when a working artist — or in this case, artist-photographer — comes up with a new body of work, it’s worth taking another look to find out what’s new… What reflects current trends, contemporary thought, technology and even “just” day-to-day life.  Columbus, Ohio-based Hamill is just such a person, and when Larry let us know he had a lot of new work to share, we jumped at the chance to offer it up in the pages of Ragazine.CC.

You can see Larry’s earlier (and commercial) work here: old.ragazine.cc/2014/01/larry-hamill-photography/ old.ragazine.cc/2009/10/photography-larry-hamill/ old.ragazine.cc/2013/03/larry-hamillphotography/ old.ragazine.cc/2011/02/video-larry-hamill/ www.larryhamill.com/  



All images use with permission © Larry Hamill