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A Legacy of AIDS / Molly Krause

I was listening to the radio, making a sandwich, when I heard that Eric Duncan had died. I lost my appetite. Media coverage of Duncan, the first known Ebola patient on American soil, had been reminding me of another patient I hadn’t thought of in years—Ryan White. A sick feeling came over me when I heard Ryan died, too, back in 1990…

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Alexis Rhone Fancher

Four poems from her upcoming book of L.A. noir…
When I turned fourteen, my mother’s sister took me to lunch and said:
soon you’ll have breasts. They’ll mushroom on your
smooth chest like land mines…

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On Location/France

Milo Moiré demands total freedom for her art. This can take different forms, because every creator has his/her own reconstruction of reality. As the Swiss artist (of Slovak and Iberian heritage) cultivates the embodiment of nudity, it is at the same moment to remove the constraints of…

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The name Ragazine was coined in the mid-’70s in Columbus, Ohio, as the title of an alternative newspaper/magazine put together by a group of friends. It was revived in 2004 as ragazine.cc, the on-line magazine of arts, information and entertainment, a collaboration of artists, writers, poets, photographers, travelers and interested others. And that’s what it still is.