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All eyes were on Miss McBride whose smile split down the middle, so that it looked like she had two faces glued together. While the right side kept a tight grip on bliss, the right eye held up by a twitching wall of muscle, the left eye sank into its socket, drowning in a pool of tears, the sadness spilling down the cheek that collapsed beneath it in an avalanche of skin…

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Austin International Poetry Festival

We’re very pleased to present the work of three featured poets scheduled to read at the 23rd Austin International Poetry Festival: Allyson Whipple, Candy Royalle and Christopher Carmona. The festival’s headline poet this year is Nikki Giovanni, who will read April 11. Giovanni’s performance is open to the public…

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Stephanie Golisch/CNF

Blue Eyes slinkily stares me down like he’s caught me shoplifting and he’s going to let me walk out of his store with whatever I want. His impish grin is like callused hands tickling my neck. I immediately tell myself I’m imagining things. I’m the sweatiest, smelliest and most disheveled I’ve ever been in my life…

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