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Rolling with the Stones

“… What I remember the most was that several hours afterwards I was walking down the hotel corridor and as I passed an open door I saw Keith Richards sitting at a table by himself in his room. Of course having not met him yet I just continued walking but within a second or two I heard ‘Hey, roadie, come on in and say hello.’ Well I sort of froze but managed to saunter into his room, noticing that a rather large amount of drugs and a bottle of Jack Daniels were his only company. And as he invited me to sit, talk and enjoy I remember saying to myself ‘Don’t blow this man, I think he wants to see who I am so I got to keep up with it all, I mean this is fucking Keith Richards.’…”

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Fred Roberts/Music

Where is My Weather is a wonderful album, the cognac of rock and roll, gritty, dirty, poetic, thoughtful, wonderfully arranged, and rich cultural influences befitting its geographical birthplace. It could be a distant cousin to Steve Wynn’s Crossing Dragon Bridge, recorded in Slovenia. Trying to place Norbert Wally’s vocals has been driving me crazy.

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Galanty Miller/On Race

And it’s easy to expunge slavery from our collective memory. Because we feel no relation to its time and place, no emotional connection to its inhumanity. Surely, slavery must have been bad — but life was hard for everyone back then and, more importantly, we’re different now. We’ve changed.

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Galanty Miller/Re-Tweets

It’s so sad that John Lennon and George Harrison are dead because now the Beatles can never reunite with Kanye West./ Washington “Redskins” is a terribly offensive name. Imagine how outraged people would be if a team was named the Washington Red BLACKS./ If a tree falls at my funeral, does it make a sound?

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