Katie Kanazawich / Photography

For a while I did carry a camera with me at all times, but I’m also practicing living the moment. I think there is a balance of being in the moment, and photographing the moment. Lately, I’ve been trying to photograph without using the screen to review, or the viewfinder at all. This way I can do both. I use a Canon 5d mkiii most of the time with a 50mm prime lens. When I don’t feel like carrying that around with me I have a Sony NEX 3, it’s way more compact and light weight. Occasionally I shoot 35mm film, or Instax film. I would say I use my phone as a last resort, mostly for selfies and pics of my dog Sheryl.

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Zdeno Kostka / Photography

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a landscape intact. That’s why I look for subjects with poor lighting or shrouded by mist, and mostly focus on remarkable and curious parts, and small details of landscape and nature – natural still life.

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Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret/On Location-France

To; Polixeni Papapetrou:
Q) What film makes you cry?
A) This is a good question. I always and only seem to cry in films about the holocaust. Although I find these films difficult to watch, I push myself to watch them and also take my children to these films (aged 17 and 19) to never become complacent over the wrongness of what happened and to understand their paternal grandmother’s history.

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Maggie Hopp/PHotography

I was there at least a week before the actual election and shared a hotel room and a rental car with René Burri, a famous Magnum photographer (he had the car — I don’t drive — and I had the hotel room) …

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Cynthia Karalla/Photography

I wanted to repeat the energy of the summer before – biking with tripod, film and no direction. Open road. It is always and only the unknown journey that summons the magic of the day.

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Valerie Brown/Photography

ito Acconci followed me for four hours after I took his photo, I believe as a performance piece. He would hide whenever I turned around. He was a minimalist and performance artist, thus the blank space with one chair.

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On Location/France

©Marc Rogoff *** Marc Rogoff  Interview: From Bosch to Hopper   by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret Contributing Columnist   Marc Rogoff : The Capgras Invocation, London, 2016 With "The Capgras Invocation" Marc Rogoff invents a story where there woman is...

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Eleonore Nitzschke Interview

Photo by jensjunge (Pixabay) United Nations plaza, NYC.   The Architect's Granddaughter Eleonore Nitzschke, granddaughter of Oscar Nitzschké,  discusses her dream of archiving the legendary architect's drawings, papers & memorabilia   INTRODUCTION: [dropcap...

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Joel Nsadha / Photographer

My work has always been a way for me to tell the stories that I come across, but after I won a huge award I feel more conscious and intentional about my work in a way that I probably hadn’t before. I spent 10 years taking pictures of people and things because I loved the stories and places. I had no idea I was capturing moments and souls. Now I know I have to do it intentionally.

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Curtis Salonick / Photographer Interview

I see the world as a petri dish where we represent just one biological smear, an enigma torn between our physical reality and its emotional dependencies. We don’t have a soul but a conscience that does not always serve us well. My work is an exploration of our physical and emotional boundaries and the resulting conflict between the two.

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Zanele Muholi / Photographer Interview

It’s time that we see ourselves positively and also in a manner that makes us feel whole and safe and sensible. Those voices connect and keep you going because you know that you are not alone. Before being lovers we come from families. We are born by men and women and I think that these are the documents that are lacking in the mainstream archive right now…

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