© Maggie Hopp

New York City, late 1970s

Photographer Spotlight


© Maggie Hopp

The photographic medium, for me, is most effective when it reveals our cultural environment.  The bond which exists between identity and culture is a measure of the present, a reference to the past, and a signal to the future.  Photography solidifies the connection between presence and identity, creating a reference point for change.  My work intends to humanize the document – to allow the personal aspects to surface without preconceptions.

Upon my return to New York from many years traveling in South America, Europe, and Asia where I made photographs of people of emerging nations, I found myself in the mid-1970s focusing on my home and surroundings.

STOOPSITTERS are street portraits in the documentary tradition.  They are concerned with the way people stand out individually against an urban backdrop of selected environmental elements.

− Maggie Hopp, 2017


Editor’s note: Hopp’s photographic archives were recently acquired by the New York City Historical Society. 


Images use with permission © Maggie Hopp

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