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William Crawford/Flash Photo

    Crawdaddy Conjures Up A Mostly Forgotten  Japanese Pop Star, Aku Sakamoto,  To Break International Tension On The Golden Gate.   by William Crawford Contributor Jimmy Pro runs a tight ship at OZQUEST. His mythical travel...

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Rich Ives/Flash Nonfiction

was busy naming the clouds before I knew it. I called them what happens next, and I called them this is the way it has always been. I put new clothes on them, and I taught them to dance differently. I tried to get that slouch out of their walk, but they always smiled with self-satisfaction. All you had to do was make a few things happen and everyone forgot about the limp.

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Ed Coffey/Essay

Why Do I Race? by Ed CoffeyContributing Writer I ran for 10 years before I ever even knew that ordinary people raced. I thought that racing was for elite or, at least, very talented runners. The people I saw on TV, I thought...

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Mark Walker/Creative Nonfiction

  My Life in the Land of the Eternal Spring: The Coffee Plantation   By Mark D. Walker Contributor Though I had lived and worked in Guatemala for seven years, it was a brief encounter with my young daughter, Michelle, on the San...

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Daniel Dragomirescu/Essay

      The Death of the Gold Digger   by Daniel Dragomirescu I liked to go to the cinema even before I started going to school, and until I was twelve or thirteen I had already seen various movies. The film “The Magnificent...

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Writers on Writing

One might say that autobiography, excepting the words the cortex finds to arrange its memories, is in some sense a product of the limbic brain. And that the limbic brain is therefore the chief culprit behind what so many seem to think is the current glut of memoirs.

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