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Entwined/Creative Nonfiction

Entwined is a creative nonfiction piece that pulls readers into an unexpected intersection between the narrator, an ambiguous stranger, and a girl. This unsettling meeting mirrors the author’s own troubled emotional state, as she struggles to separate the two to reveal the truth of the encounter.

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A Grand Adventure/Fiction

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte — Georges Seurat. Art Institute of Chicago *** A Grand Adventure   by Gina Willner-Pardo er elderly mother’s death left Laila Rayburn untethered, a condition she had never...

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The Reunion/Marlene Olin

He packed a week before his flight, bringing twice the amount of clothes that he needed. A sport coat in case people were dressing up. Jeans in case people were dressing down. A sweater in case it was cold. A golf shirt in case it was warm. For the first time in his life, Calvin went to a fancy salon where they manicured his nails and shaved his beard. He felt buffed and polished, his engine in good working order, his chassis gleaming. He read and reread each of Miriam’s books. He felt ready to tackle the world.

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Rustin Larson/Poetry

Me, Being Rude A woman knocks, asks what I think the purpose of life is. Possible answers: 1) No. No, thank you. 2) The purpose of life is to not be asked such questions. 3) There is no purpose. Life just is. If the rose-petal goddess likes me, that’s a good thing....

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The Music of the Aztecs/Book Review

“A Sibyl of Fortune,” Jan Claire Starkey’s segment, touches on the mythic — both legendary and personal — from “God” to “The Sphinx,” and she recalls her childhood in “Magic Castles.” However, she really shines when undertaking one of the most irresistible topics for poets — that of Icarus — in “Above the Labyrinth.” However, this rendition takes after the stance of a mother as onlooker to her progeny’s downfall.

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Bruce McRae/Poetry

In The Beginning Was Their End The prophecy suggests the same old sun in the same old story. That the sky will brighten come morning. The prophecy tells us, without a doubt, an infant shall be led by death. It’s written in your book of the stars. It’s written in...

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Lisa Dougherty/Poetry

A Raggity-Anne Her hair was short.  A kind of long Bob.  She was day-cared for the night time working Mom.  So she found my lap familiar.  First it was story time.   Sat her there.  Moved her arms as if they were an extension of we can be ridiculous sometimes.  She’d...

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Eric Fulgione/Poetry

Rye Sunburnt meadows stretch their golden tendrils and wrap me in their mystery. Cattails whisper soft secrets, beckoning me into their infectious oblivion. I keep walking. Sepia filters discard harsh hues and grey thoughts. Monochrome memories trapped in a tinted...

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Andrew Higgins/Poetry

The Joy of Shopping We've all made that mistake, waiting by the bar for happiness to stumble in and open his wallet. But it never happens. So we learn to buy it, nursing those seconds when options hang like garments arranged on a black wire rack.   On Losing Out...

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The Dead Kid Poems/Review

The Dead Kid Poems Alexis Rhone Fancher The Dead Kid Poems (April 2019) Press: KYSO Flas http://www.kysoflash.com/Books.aspx#DeadKid (available on Amazon) ISBN: 978-09980375-2-3 6” x 9”, paperback, 51 pages ($15.00)   Reviewed by Alexandra Umlas [dropcap...

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Kelly Wise/Poetry

Monopoly In front of our Victorian mansion, Alongside other houses of its’ kind Between the pearly white curb and the jagged sidewalk, Rolls a stripe of green. In the middle is a dusty stone brick, The remains of something much taller. That’s where the horses were...

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Hungry Words/Book Review

HUNGRY WORDS By R. Bremner Alien Buddha Press Erie, PA 2018 $9.89 Paperback: 62 pages. 6”x9” ISBN # 9781724991140 Review by Richard Paul Bremner’s Hungry Words takes us on a trip through city streets, suburban sidewalks, and several minds in varying degrees of health...

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Thomas Merton’s Pulitzer Nod/John Smelcer & Paul Pearson

Thomas Merton was a man of singular faith, conviction, and humility. He was a vociferous advocate of social justice, racial equality, and peace and a staunch critic of America’s war in Vietnam. Despite the unnerving fact that people wanted to harm him (Merton once wrote how men who planned to waylay him would stake out the dirt road to his hermitage), he remained resolute, like his friend Martin Luther King, Jr.

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