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The Dead Kid Poems/Review

The Dead Kid Poems Alexis Rhone Fancher The Dead Kid Poems (April 2019) Press: KYSO Flas http://www.kysoflash.com/Books.aspx#DeadKid (available on Amazon) ISBN: 978-09980375-2-3 6” x 9”, paperback, 51 pages ($15.00)   Reviewed by Alexandra Umlas [dropcap...

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Kelly Wise/Poetry

Monopoly In front of our Victorian mansion, Alongside other houses of its’ kind Between the pearly white curb and the jagged sidewalk, Rolls a stripe of green. In the middle is a dusty stone brick, The remains of something much taller. That’s where the horses were...

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Hungry Words/Book Review

HUNGRY WORDS By R. Bremner Alien Buddha Press Erie, PA 2018 $9.89 Paperback: 62 pages. 6”x9” ISBN # 9781724991140 Review by Richard Paul Bremner’s Hungry Words takes us on a trip through city streets, suburban sidewalks, and several minds in varying degrees of health...

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Thomas Merton’s Pulitzer Nod/John Smelcer & Paul Pearson

Thomas Merton was a man of singular faith, conviction, and humility. He was a vociferous advocate of social justice, racial equality, and peace and a staunch critic of America’s war in Vietnam. Despite the unnerving fact that people wanted to harm him (Merton once wrote how men who planned to waylay him would stake out the dirt road to his hermitage), he remained resolute, like his friend Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Ghost of Berry Creek/Environment

In early July, when I first saw the creek, there had been plenty of water downstream from the collection site. But by August, flow had been reduced to a point where all the water was now being captured by the pipe. Below the intake, the streamside wetland plants had shriveled, or never had a chance to sprout, or had simply disappeared over the years from the altered habitat.

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Lucinda Watson/Poetry

MURMURATION “A rare gathering of starlings that looks like dancing clouds” passed over my head this morning like a shiver in a graveyard. Murmuration The sky darkened, my dogs slowed their pace, and I still struggled to hold up the dike against the flood of winter. My...

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Joe Weil/Poetry

  The flowers offend me because they are filthy-- their roots scraggly with dirt And the sky offends me because it is bigger than I and how  dare that sky dwarf me? And you offend me because... well just because. I think you like flowers I think you like the sky. You...

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Shane Carreon/Poetry

Kinilaw  One of these days I am going to ask my father how to make kinilaw, raw anchovies or tuna steeped in vinegar and coconut milk, the pieces eaten by hand from a communal bowl and eaten only with people you trust. Each anchovy held by its head, deftly deboned by...

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Dave Roskos/Poetry

GATEKEEPERS If I say “Lock out the gatekeepers!” does it make me a gatekeeper? Some gates slam shut so fast they can sever a limb Other gates more lackadaisical, hinged on whims Saint Peter, the ultimate gatekeeper! (Heaven must be quite a club) Robert Frost said...

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Emily Vogel reviews “Day Counter”

    Motherhood: An Erasure of the Self? A Review of “Day Counter, by Sara Mumolo Paperback: 80 pages Publisher: Omnidawn (October 30, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1632430606 ISBN-13: 978-1632430601 Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 0.3 x 8.9 inches   By...

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Larissa Shmailo

    Sly Bang / hybrid fiction by Larissa Shmailo You knew this is what the world really looked like all along.   A review by RW Spryszak ISBN-13: 978-1947980983 Spuyten Duyvil – New York 2018 198 pages [dropcap style="font-size: 46px;...

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Prelude to Cuba and Dallas

President Kennedy was coming to Bogue Field? Standing with the other lower level NCOs on our half-hour trip to Bogue, one hand on a metal pole screwed fast to ceiling and deck, I swayed with the bouncy rhythm of our cattle car and tried to maintain my balance. The North Carolina countryside zoomed past outside like a movie on fast forward, and the open windows and doors sucked hot air inside. The roar in my ears…

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Martino Marangoni/Photography

Rebuilding / My Days in New York 1959-2018 by Martino Marangoni Publisher: The Eriskay Connection (December 18, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 9492051346 ISBN-13: 978-9492051349 Paperback: 240 pages Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.6 x 10.9 inches € 40.00 € 45.00/Signed...

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