Perle Besserman/Fiction

Karin doesn’t like Carl’s best friend Benjy, and she doesn’t want to join them in a game of poker, but she doesn’t say so because Benjy (who has come to live with them after being thrown out of his apartment two months ago by his second wife) keeps threatening to kill himself…

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Yoshiro Takayasu/Fiction

A few days later, Kiiko said, “Say, what about the story of a woman who makes a bet whether her husband will cheat on her? A friend of hers who bets against her seduces her husband in order to win the bet. It will make you anxious watching him almost succumb to temptation. In the end, he goes back to his wife, and they live happily ever after.”

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Alan Swyer/Fiction

  Kindred Spirits   by Alan Swyer now what's amazing?" Ross said as he and Gelber wolfed down an early morning feast of dumplings and porridge at a dim sum joint in New York's Chinatown.  "It's like we went...

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Richard Kostelanetz/Fiction

??????   ANSWERS A Cycle of Short-Short Stories Richard Kostelanetz In memory of Novalis [For periodical, print continuously with extra space between entries; if a book, one to a page; wide (Latin?), paginated landscape; so far 94. Resequence to move from cliché to...

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J. T. Ledbetter/Poetry

a time like this after they carried things home and pulled the corn wagon out of the frozen ruts they turned the cows into the pasture and filled the oat bags for horses then went to the house where women were wringing out bloody cloths and emptying the rest down the...

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Marc Darnell/Poetry

Calcium Phosphate Some choose the wind so they can go all the places their body never went alive. Others choose mixture with cement, as a rock at the ocean's bottom to be part of the big whole, or crushed into a diamond to be prettier than the sack they were in life....

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Go Broncos/Fiction by Joe Mills

Photo by Adrià Crehuet Cano on Unsplash *** Go Broncos!   by Joe Mills arisa watches Cameron burrow into the team huddle. The kids put their hands towards the center, bow their heads, then, after a moment,...

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The Whitney Point Poetry Group

  Poetry: Any Age, Any Place   Introduction by Jessica Femiani here is an awful lot of talk these days about the disconnected lives we lead, that years back students arriving early to class might engage the...

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Emily Vogel/Book Review

The Infinite Doctrine of Water by Michael T. Young Series: Terrapin Poetry Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: Terrapin Books (April 1, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1947896016 ISBN-13: 978-1947896017 $5.99 Kindle/$12.99 Paperback from AMAZON   Review by Emily Vogel...

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Cynthia McVay/Creative Nonfiction

The first time I saw Field Farm it was the dead of winter, snowless and charmless, but even so, something about the soft curves of the land and open space captivated me. As the realtor fumbled for the key to the modest house, with thick plastic tacked to its windows, I turned to look over the short-cropped, amber field, unfazed by the fierce wind that came from all directions at once. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and head, and stuffed my bare hands into my coat pockets. My shoulders lifted to my ears to close out the cold. I could barely hear the realtor’s answer when I announced I was going there. And then the wind swept me out into the land.

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PS1 NY Art Book Fair 2018

    Finding Alternatives: The NY Art Book Fair he world of publishing is far from dead. At least if you're into the best of what can be done with ink and paper. The annual book fair at PS1 in Queens included...

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Jessica Noyes McEntee/Fiction

  Can You Say Capitalism?   by Jessica Noyes McEntee  Contributing Writer Papa always said, “Princesses have princes to come to their rescue, but you have me. And Donovan, in a pinch—he’s on the payroll for that.” An unsentimental sort, he never followed up with a...

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Joe Giordano/Fiction

At the Cemetery by Joe Giordano Contributing Writer   "Who died?" Craig’s eyes rose. They were brown like a Basset Hound. "What? Oh, Frank, you surprised me." If we weren’t on the beach, or under the boardwalk with a chick, the guys hung out at Conor’s Irish Pub a...

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Maria Mazziotti Gillan/Poetry

So Many Things I Wish I Had Done So many things I wish I had done, so many things I wish I had said, all those words that could have comforted but that I withheld, so now even so many years after my father’s death I wish I could call him back from inside the mausoleum...

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William Crawford/Flash Photo

    Crawdaddy Conjures Up A Mostly Forgotten  Japanese Pop Star, Aku Sakamoto,  To Break International Tension On The Golden Gate.   by William Crawford Contributor immy Pro runs a tight ship at OZQUEST. His...

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T.R. Hummer/Poetry

What’s the matter with the old musicians
   of Kansas City? From here they look
Like planets exploded in the prairie wind.
   That’s why the sunset swings
So hard, distant and bright and bloody.

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Ocean Ghosts/Ben White

And I was haunted.  All the way across the ocean on the way to Tokyo to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Japanese Coast Guard, I was haunted by the sea, the stories, the history, the unknown, the traditions, the journey. The haunting itself is a ghost.

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