Round and about Europe

  Fred's Top 10 Playlist for November   by Fred Roberts Music Editor   Category: Fabulous France Song Title: No Lights Outside Artist: Heretic Dreams Year: 1985 Link: Category: Delicious Denmark Song Title: Apache Artist:...

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Another Round of Hamburg / Playlist

by Fred Roberts Music Editor   Category: The Non Plus Ultra of Sultry Song Title: Aus Gold modelliert die Nacht Artist: Mariola Brillowska & Felix Kubin Year: 2018 Link: Category: Dadaistic Noise Orchestras Song Title: Krone aus Staub /...

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Tom Zatar Kay/Holy Shit: A 3-hour Poem

ZATARS-COMPUTER-VOICE-3-AND-A-HALF-HOUR-POEM "Holy Shit" Metaphysical Poetry Readings prose monologues euphony BOOMING onomatopoeia Computer Oral Art. Excerpted from the book "Holy Shit" By Tom ZataR Kay. "Human Robot Poetry" When my words are spoken by a computer...

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Fred Roberts/Poland Playlist

  by Fred Roberts Music Editor   Category: The Polish Falco Song Title: Nie poddawaj się Artist: Kombi Year: 1983 Link: Category: Rocking sixties ladies Song Title: Motyle Artist: Amazonki Year: 1969 Link:

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Cyrillic Summer/Fred’s Playlist

    NO COLLUSION by Fred Roberts Music Editor   Category: Bulgaria Song Title: Къщата на изгряващото слънце (House of the Rising Sun) Artist: Емил Димитров (Emil Dimitrov) Year: 1964 Link: Category: Yugoslavia (Serbia) Song...

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Aleksi Glick/Interview

    Snack Cat: Jazz you like it A musical collective    An e-interview with Aleksi Glick by Mike Foldes Ragazine: Who are members of the collective? Glick: Below are the members of Snack Cat with the instrument they play. Aleksi Glick- lead guitar/ vocals Jeff Koch-...

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Summer Sun Fun Zehn

  Ten Top Tunes for Summer Listening   For music-loving polyglots, this is a summer listening list for you. Everyone else -- steer clear of falling stars.    by Fred Roberts Ragazine Music Editor Category: Best song in the highly competitive category of Hasidic surf...

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Summer Take Four

        by Fred Roberts Music Editor y favorite acquisitions of the last months are quite divergent in respect to one another. There’s music from the country of Sudan (Abu Obaida Hassan). The US duo Bebe &...

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Contemporary Barcelona

Where 10 becomes 11! Category: Dark horse hits Song Title: Patrice And Her Weirdness Artist: Vancouver Undercover Year: 2017 Link: Category: Albums produced by ex-Faust members Song Title: No...

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Secret Barcelona

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash *** Barcelona Underground Category: Creation of new universes Song Title: Catalepsia Artist: Neuronium Year: 1977 Link: Category: Magical hypnosis experiences Song Title: Me Voy A Tomar El...

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Camino al Desván, Barcelona 1983-1986

The past years have seen a number of compilations focusing on “secret” Barcelona, the underground culture of the Catalonian capital during the seventies and eighties, a time rich with innovation and revolutionary musical ideas. It is a scene similar to the primal ooze out of which the Neue Deutsche Welle was born. Many of the Barcelona bands remain to this day as tips for insiders.

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Leland Sklar/Interview

*** Leland Sklar: The Bassics of a Long Career   eland Sklar was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1947. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was four or five years old. He says his musical ‘career’ really...

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Ohio Jazz Shorts/Candice Watkins

  Melvin James “Sy” Oliver: Creator of the Lunceford Sound (1910–1988), & Zach Whyte   by Candice Watkins Contributing Writer ach Whyte attended Wilberforce College in the early 1920s, where he was an early...

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