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50 years after Stonewall, 50 years after Woodstock… what a century it was, and what a worthwhile 50th anniversary of those events to celebrate and remember. Both steps toward freedom and independence America espoused, but did not always exemplify, especially with regard to persons of color, religion and origin.  To wit, Native Americans themselves, overrun by European invaders much as Europeans themselves were largely overrun in the 14th and 15th centuries by Norse invaders from the North, and Huns from the East. Now, as always, the world needs a beacon to lead it away from nepotism, absolutism, tyranny and autocratic management wherein leaders put themselves above...

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I’m an involved parent and I’m concerned about the people educating my kids. That’s why I actively follow my son’s teacher’s eHarmony site./ I went on a blind date with a lovely woman, though I thought it was weird when she started to hit our waiter with a red flag.