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Category: Sports

Baseball Fans Need to be Civil

Baseball Fans’ Behavior Strikes Out The following short essay was written several years ago… but bears a lesson worth repeating.  The Yankees’ loss Wednesday night to the Boston Red Sox was humiliating, but not...

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Ed Coffey/Essay

Why Do I Race? by Ed CoffeyContributing Writer I ran for 10 years before I ever even knew that ordinary people raced. I thought that racing was for elite or, at least, very talented runners. The people I saw on TV, I thought...

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A World Series to Remember

It’s the beginning of the sixth inning. Now the left-handed, 35-year-old Yankee batter Hideki Matsui, known as “Gorilla,” a native of Japan, steps up to the plate. His nickname was originally a derisive nickname given on account of a skin condition, subsequently elevated to honorific on account of his skill with the bat. Matsui doesn’t chew or spit, just coolly raises his bat and quietly looks his opponent in the eye, like a brave Samurai.

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