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Our Back Yard


The Earth is rich with treasure. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to mine a bit, and time and again to have hit pay dirt.

In addition to the people whose works appear in the links below, there are hundreds more artists, writers, poets, photographers and others from “here” and around the world who deserve our attention. Please when you have time take a look through some of the older issues of Ragazine, as they will remain online for at least another 24 months, thanks to the generous donations of  our community of friends. I believe you will find much that is as timely today as it was when it first appeared.

Our current and recent editors’ short bios are listed in “About Us.”  These people, as well as ALL editors and content contributors, past and present, have worked for free to help ensure that Ragazine, as the “global online zine of arts, information & entertainment,” would remain a free and independent forum for new and established artists in their respective fields. We’ve managed for 15 years on donations and out-of-pocket contributions, and it’s an incredible feeling to know so many people have believed in and supported what we are about. 

A special thanks to Chuck Haupt, who for the last many years has helped ensure that Ragazine’s visual presentation is unique, and that it does justice to the work we publish. I would be remiss to not mention our families who have put up with our long hours on nights and weekends spent editing, posting & publishing, when we all could have been somewhere else, doing something else, and for the out-of-pocket costs that might otherwise have been spent on good cigars, a set of golf clubs, a Skee-Doo, or fishing in the Adirondacks. Such is the nature of this beast.

Maybe we’ll see you again, but if not, all the best. And thanks for reading! 

— Mike F. 

Founder & Managing Editor


More of those in Our Back Yard:

A few of the many, many people whose contributions to culture in the Southern Tier of Upstate NY, make Broome, Tioga and Tompkins counties a great place to live:


Anthony Brunelli:

Tice Lerner:

Joe Buemi: (illustration for Jason Allen fiction)

Don DeMauro: (scroll down for video by Stephen Schweitzer)

Stephen Schweitzer:

Zach Seeger:

Jeanne Mackin:

Eric Ross:

Eric Ross:

Joe Weil:

Mario Moroni:

Leslie Heywood:

Jaimee Wriston Colbert:

Mark Levy:

Sue Atkinson:

Julian Guevara:

Jessica Fridrich:

Thomas La Barbera:

Katie Kanazawich:

Wendy Stewart:

Heather Dorn:

John Smelcer:

Chuck Haupt:

Chuck Haupt:

Chuck Haupt & Mike Foldes:

Joseph Lindsley:

David Nestor:

Gianna Putrino:

James Palombo:

Walter Gurbo:

Paul West:


I‘m sure I’ve missed a few very important people; if you are among them, sincere apologies. Your contributions are appreciated!