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Joe Weil/Poetry

  The flowers offend me because they are filthy– their roots scraggly with dirt And the sky offends me because it is bigger than I and how  dare that sky dwarf me? And you offend me because… well just because. I...

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Poetry/Paul Sohar

Earth to Earth For Camilla   how deep below is that earth to earth how far down to go for peace   while our small group awkwardly gathers like disjointed clumps around the crumbling statue of an aging angel while the...

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Fall Fundraiser

Expanding our reach is not as easy as using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked In Groups and other increasingly popular and competitive social media forums. It also means refining and developing the “back office” side of what you see and read in Ragazine. We know our SEO needs work, and with your help, that’s where we intend to focus our limited resources first.

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What our staff and contributors are up to these days:     Mary  Gregory shares editing award for Arts Coverage Ragazine contributor Mary Gregory often writes reviews for NY Press/Straus News newspapers. This year, the...

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Daniel Harris/Poetry

Micro aggressions rise blank to ascension: ur-cut,

savage, to omit the dupe—(re)emerges to femme

a skin of guts an oblique attraction. Earl Shoepeg

sucks Eddy’s soul. Earl’s an Eddy rumpologist (‘st):

burned as impurity, agent of rapture in alchemy’s

concrete trellis: McEddy coins Earl.

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Gina Larkin/Poetry

    AT THE SALON     Magazine pages filled with products to volumize, customize, hydrolosize, defrizz. Almost as any pages as are devoted to organizing the closet that stores the bottles and pumps and tubes...

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The name Ragazine was coined in the mid-’70s in Columbus, Ohio, as the title of an alternative newspaper/magazine put together by a group of friends. It was revived in 2004 as ragazine.cc, the on-line magazine of arts, information and entertainment, a collaboration of artists, writers, poets, photographers, travelers and interested others. And that’s what it still is.