© Maggie Hopp Photo, Plains, Georgia 


Fall Fundraiser

Planting seeds to keep the zine growing …


Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Summer Fundraiser. Unfortunately, we seem to have done our outreach when most everyone was at the beach.

With that in mind, we’re continuing our summer fundraiser into the fall in the hopes we can reach our goal of carrying on through next year without any hiccups in resources. Ragazine remains a voluntary effort. Editors, artists, photographers, columnists and our contributors are the lifeblood of the zine. They don’t get paid, but it would be great if they did… That’s for another day.

For now, contributions will be used to cover the basic costs of publishing Ragazine online, providing our Events Calendar, and our daily arts news feed — all at no cost to you. Sort of like Public Radio, but so far unfunded by anyone but our small but growing circle of friends. There are lots of ways to support Ragazine — reading, sharing, donating, contributing material. We appreciate it all, and look forward to publishing the same kinds of new and different materials we’ve been putting online for nearly 12 years.

If you would like to become a sponsor of Ragazine, please contact , with “Count Me In” in the subject line.

Thank you for reading, and for spreading the word. We couldn’t do it without you.

— The Ragazine Staff