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Category: Poetry

Lucinda Watson/Poetry

MURMURATION “A rare gathering of starlings that looks like dancing clouds” passed over my head this morning like a shiver in a graveyard. Murmuration The sky darkened, my dogs slowed their pace, and I still struggled to hold up...

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Joe Weil/Poetry

  The flowers offend me because they are filthy– their roots scraggly with dirt And the sky offends me because it is bigger than I and how  dare that sky dwarf me? And you offend me because… well just because. I...

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Shane Carreon/Poetry

Kinilaw  One of these days I am going to ask my father how to make kinilaw, raw anchovies or tuna steeped in vinegar and coconut milk, the pieces eaten by hand from a communal bowl and eaten only with people you trust. Each...

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Dave Roskos/Poetry

GATEKEEPERS If I say “Lock out the gatekeepers!” does it make me a gatekeeper? Some gates slam shut so fast they can sever a limb Other gates more lackadaisical, hinged on whims Saint Peter, the ultimate gatekeeper! (Heaven must...

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Anne Whitehouse/Poetry

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER   Growing up in the South, she never felt she fit in, being way too serious and none too popular. She came north to be educated, and, leaning to the law, clerked for a federal judge and joined the...

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Richard Kostelanetz/APHORISMS

•••   About the poet: Citing Britannica.com, Richard Kostelanetz is an “American writer, artist, critic, and editor of the avant-garde who is productive in many fields.”  Kostelanetz attended Brown University...

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