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Coming Into Focus


In this series I am exploring the realm of one’s environmental surroundings, how it is absorbed into one’s psyche and how this changes through relocations.

In these days of refuges relocating from their homelands to distant places, my move from the Midwest to the West may seem trivial, but there are still feelings of dislocation and assimilation that take place.

I approach this new work as both a window through which I observe my new surrounds (recording what I see) and a mirror where I bring my sensibilities to bear, reflecting my inner state of being. I use layering and blending modes to merge the observed environment with my internal intuition.

All are digital C-prints, all are digitally manipulated and can be considered digital photomontages.

-Ellen Jantzen

Coming into Focus

All images use with permission ©2017 Ellen Jantzen


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