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January-Febuary 2015 |Volume 11 Number 1


Top New Groups in Europe’s Music Scene

Fred Roberts



A photographic exploration of change

Steven Verona

Creative Nonfiction

Life Always Seems to Surprise Me/ Dr. Heart Stat

Steve Bromburg


On Location/France

Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret

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miler_320teaseJohn Smelcer

America’s Scrappy Novelist (and poet?): A Memoir of Norman Mailer 

Creative Nonfiction

aidsMolly Krause

A Legacy of

AIDS in Ebola


bishkek_fictionWilliam T. Hathaway

Night in Bishkek

A shot woke the man. He lifted his head, not knowing where he…



Benoit Jammes

SKITCHEN: The secret sporting life

of our friends the fruits and vegetables


A whole new look

Bina Sarkar Ellias from Mumbai, publisher of the exquisite International Gallerie galleriemagazine, preceded reading a few of her poems at Jadite Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen (New York City) in late December with a brief commentary on her goals and wishes: that her magazine, and her life, help illuminate understanding for and an appreciation of the diversity of characters in the great play we’re all in, with its new passages and chapters written into history with each passing moment. The diversity of the assemblage at that gathering was certainly representative of her dream, and of so many…

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We think you should take a look…

Photographer Janez Vlachy’s City Night series

Slovenian photographer Janez Vlachy captures “the special atmosphere of  cities at night,  which is so much different than during the day. The process is very slow, as I shoot with the large format camera. Sometimes police come along checking on what I am doing; I always carry some identification on me. I like the tranquility of the process.”

Also see his previous work in and more of this series at his website.

Most Recent Posts

Our Back Yard: Keery Hastings/Poetry

Body Buried Body burned into a wooden box Or maybe gently paced into a casket; Dug just a bit too high underground. Dressed in a last pair of clothes; Hands to chest – A lonely name ground into pink marbled stone; Settled under the next available lot – The leaves from...

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Our Back Yard: Jules Gotay

Our Back Yard: Jules Gotay

SUBMARINE     The art of Jules Gotay   Language & Perception: Making the Connection   CARNIVAL Artist's statement: y paintings live on the border between language and the physical...

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Our Back Yard: Mike Foldes/Poetry

          Dreaming in Hungarian Miskolc, Eger, Budapest, letcho, goulash, paprikash, nem, egan, dobos torte, smooth roads, fenceless fields ideally suited for horse-drawn wagons to leave wakes of  broken grasses, transitory roadways for...

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Fabia Wong/In Search Of …

Fabia Wong/In Search Of …

How a city looks and what it represents depends on where you stand, and such is the case with Hong Kong. From the perspective of many Westerners, Hong Kong is a gateway to the Orient: a jumping off point for travelers to Southeast Asia, with a glittering airport replete with European luxury goods, where exquisite cuisine gives way to a raucous night-life. It is a free-market capitalist’s paradise where English is a common language, there is rule of law and sufficient institutional stability for investment.

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The Days of the Untitled Mona

The Days of the Untitled Mona The transformation from the everyday person into a supreme being   DAY 7   The Mono Lisa: Politics of Sexuality By Pauline Joelle Panetta Edited by Dorothy Louise Zinn The object of analysis central to this essay is Cynthia...

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Marc Darnell/Poetry

Gadget Man is a juicy machine-- a talking sack of fluids, no soul, I mean no aura, no spirit seen. If you ask druids if man is a juicy machine they'll say he's a stream in sync with all the gods, but no soul.  I mean well, though I seem cold, inhumanly rude to say man...

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OUR BACK YARD: Na Chainkua  (Chainky) Reindorf/Artist Interview

OUR BACK YARD: Na Chainkua (Chainky) Reindorf/Artist Interview

My work is informed and inspired by the visual language of West African textiles and the custom of using these textiles as a means of communication. I am equally fascinated by our widespread relationship with textiles almost exclusively as objects with specific functions. The work I make aims to alter our experience with, and reliance on, these materials as utilitarian by rendering them as meaningful aesthetic objects to be encountered…

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