If I say “Lock out
the gatekeepers!”
does it make me
a gatekeeper?

Some gates slam shut so fast
they can sever a limb

Other gates more lackadaisical,
hinged on whims

Saint Peter, the ultimate gatekeeper!
(Heaven must be quite a club)

Robert Frost said “Good fences
make good neighbors.”
Wonder how he felt about gates?

Some gates keep people out
Others keep people in

Guess you could say
the same about

I don’t feel like
writing this poem
no more


them woods

there’s teenagers
in dem woods
skippin’ school
& smokin’ weed
getting all
the education
they’ll ever

them woods
them woods

littered with bent beer cans
& overpopulated with deer
I like to be there
walking & breathing air
when I’m not here

them woods
them woods

glad I don’t
live in em




like a dry shave
in a tar paper shack
during a blizzard

the bad poems come

one by one
line by line
like this one

with the word

& a cliche
of a simile

bad poems in abundance

For a pittance


would like to be taken up
in a spaceship sometime soon.
I’m ready to explore space,
meet extraterrestrials,
dance on the tip
of a star.


About the poet:

Dave Roskos is the editor & publisher of Big Hammer & Street Value magazines and Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books. His poetry has been published in Exquisite Corpse, The New York Quarterly, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, & many other publications.