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You can’t take it to the bank


but you can take it everywhere else …

Dear Friends,     Welcome to the September-October issue of Ragazine, Volume 11 Number 5. The next issue, November-December, will close out 11 years of the zine, with what we hope will be the beginning of another ten or 20. The production of these issues, going back to 2004 when it was one guy in a basement wrestling with Front Page, was managed by a cast of thousands, really, including hundreds of contributors, dozens of editors and tens of thousands of readers.   Who knew when the publication began − as a sort of chain mail among friends sharing art, poetry, photography, short stories and anecdotes − that it would still be growing as an international venue for poets, photographers, artists, writers, cartoonists, musicians, thinkers and others interested in sharing their thoughts, hopes and dreams with the world at large. A world greater than themselves. A world whose image is reflected in the eclectic mirror of Ragazine.


Donations received in last year’s Fundraiser went a long way toward helping us keep that momentum, making it possible for us to:

  • purchase a WordPress platform that allows us to take advantage of the many features of the web our older program did not allow (you can still see those pages at http://old.ragazine.cc;


  • upgrade to a faster server hosting the site to accommodate the more demanding new features in the new theme/platform;


  • pay for service and subscription fees associated with adding the Events Calendar, the Daily Arts & Culture NewsFeed, our contact management/e-mailing program, ongoing domain costs, a few promotions in select online venues and incidental expenses such as an occasional snail mail.

Now we’re asking you to help us make this year’s Fall Fundraiser the most successful ever.  We’re not putting up a goal to reach, we’re not doing a Kickstarter campaign. That’s not what we do. What we will do is make good use of what funds we do receive, and we’ll tell you where your donations are going.   With gratitude to several Ragazine supporters, we’re able this year to provide a limited number of gifts to donors. These incentives include:*

$10.00 – our sincerest appreciation and your name in our donor list (unlimited quantities);

$25.00 – a signed copy of “Disorderly Conduct: Tales of the 1960s,” by columnist Bill Dixon (20 copies available), and the above.

$50.00 – a signed copy of “Sandy, Chronicles of a Superstorm,” with poetry by Mike Foldes and images by Christie Devereaux (5 copies available), and a hot spot on our donor list;

$100.00 – a signed copy of the cover from Volume 8, Number 5,  by noted artist and Ragazine interviewee Nikolai Buglaj (5 copies) — and of course … ;

$250.00 and up – a limited edition screen print (above) by artist, author, professor and Ragazine columnist Steve Poleskie (6 pieces) — and of course ….

  Thanks to all who have already helped put us on the road to Volume 12. We hope you’ll join them in keeping Ragazine alive and well.  We appreciate all you do by reading Ragazine,  spreading the word,  and for contributing  at any level.

Buy a copy for your OSU fan!     SANDY  sept-oct2012_02

      * Quantities of all items are limited. As a 501c3 affiliate of Binghamton Imaginink, your contribution may be tax deductible in whole or in part. Consult your accounting professional.


Make checks payable to: Ragazine.CC/Binghamton Imaginink

Send to: POB 8586, Endwell, NY 13762