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You believe in making the Arts a necessity, a part of life that matters.  You write, you make music, you draw, you paint, you observe, you think, you pull things out of the air and turn them into something palpable.  We’re here to help you get “that” — whatever “that” is — into the wider world.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the September-October issue of Ragazine, Volume 12 Number 3. The next issue, November-December, will close out 12 years of the zine, with what we hope will be the beginning of another 12 years – or more. The production of these issues, going back to 2004, was managed by a cast of thousands, really, including hundreds of contributors, dozens of editors and tens of thousands of readers.


10th Anniversary Ragazine cover

Who knew when the publication began as a sort of chain mail among friends sharing art, poetry, photography, short stories and anecdotes, that it would still be growing as an international venue for poets, photographers, artists, writers, cartoonists and others interested in sharing their thoughts, hopes and dreams with the world at large. A world greater than themselves. A world whose image is reflected in the eclectic mirror of Ragazine.

Donations received in last year’s Fundraiser went a long way toward keeping our momentum, and making it possible for us to:

  • Renew our free Events Calendar;
  • Renew and upgrade our free daily arts news feed;
  • Cover a portion of the monthly fees associated with our hosting domain;
  • Advertising and marketing fees, including printing; and,
  • A portion of the cost of our contact management e-mail program.

Now we’re once more asking you to help us make this year’s Fall Fundraiser the most successful ever.  We’re not putting up a goal to reach. What we will do is make good use of what funds we receive, and we’ll tell you where your donations are going.

This year — as last — several supporters have donated their own books and artwork as gifts for contributors whose donations reach or exceed stated amounts. These incentives include:*

1)           $10.00 – our sincerest appreciation and your name in our donor list!

2)           $25.00 – a signed copy of “Disorderly Conduct: Tales of the 1960s,” by columnist Bill Dixon (10 available); or, a signed copy of  “Vigilia’s Tempest,” by columnist Steve Poleskie (3 available, http://www.stephenpoleskie.com/vigilia_s_tempest_96393.htm);  

3)           $25.00 – an 11” x 14” 10th Anniversary Ragazine cover (20 available), shipped in tube (add $15.00 to ship flat); 

4)           $35.00 – a signed copy of “Sandy, Chronicles of a Superstorm,” with poetry by Mike Foldes and images by Christie Devereaux (10 available); 

5)           $35.00 – a signed copy of a poetry book by Alexis Rhone Fancher, whose poem “….” Published in Ragazine in January 2015, was selected for inclusion in Best American Poetry (5 available); 

6)           $50.00 – a signed copy of the cover of one of Ragazine’s covers done by noted artist Nikolai Buglaj (5 available);

7)           $100.00 — 24”x36” quality poster of Ragazine’s 10th anniversary cover (10 available/shipped flat, add $20.00);

7)           $250.00 — A hand-written copy of “When I turned fourteen, my mother’s sister took me to lunch and said:”, a poem by Alexis Rhone Fancher that appeared in January 2015 in Ragazine, and is included in the 2016 edition of Best American Poetry. 1 available; 

8)           Ask about a sponsored link. Contact .


* Quantities of any item may be limited.

Donations can be made through PayPal, or by check sent to Ragazine.CC, c/o POB 8586, Endwell, NY 13762. All contributions will be used for normal operating expenses of Ragazine.CC. Ragazine.CC operates under the aegis of Binghamton Imaginink, a 501 (c) (3) organization. Your contribution may be tax deductible. Consult your financial advisor.


Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading. We couldn’t do it without you.