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Mirrors | Огледала


Mirrors” is conceived as a local and participatory project. An online photo library is created with copyright documentary photographs from Kumanovo, made exclusively for the purposes of this project, which mark the current state of the city, with no intention of adding artistic value. They reflect all the ugly, neglected, ruined, desecrated, abandoned places around the city. The photographs are made possible for download, thus requiring the participant to choose one of the featured photos to edit it. Finally, the edited photo is sent back to the author of the project, who merges the two works next to each other, a before and after. The purpose of this project is not only documenting the neglected and ruined parts of a common home called Kumanovo, but the ruined, dirty, uncaring state of the human spirit. Making the obvious visible from the eye of the author, through the eye of the lens to the eye of the citizen-artist, “Mirrors” exists as a mirror of the physical and the psychological.


 Kumanovo is a city in the Republic of Macedonia, located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.

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