I want you to drink until her body turns to liquid gold —
glowing as if wan moonlight
in the dead of winter,
from the dusty skylight above your bed.
I want you to long to be wrapped up
beneath her warm skin —
her rib cage like a crime,
entrapping you as a prisoner,
compelling you to want more.

Her soft skin will pull you in hard and fast
and as you slowly lose breath,
you will long for one last sip of her venom,
as it distills into your veins.
You are as fickle as your flesh,
shimmering under the rising sun
with stained sheets wrapped over and under
your spent limbs.

Pull her tighter, grab her harder.
I want you to have to gasp for something
that’s not there for you to have.
And when you’re yearning for that faded skylight
to glimmer just one minute longer,
I want you to taste every scarce second of it,
until she’s gone, elusive as a phantom.


About the poet:

Ashley Germinario is a senior Communication Studies student at SUNY Oneonta, graduating with honors in May 2018. With minors in Business Communications and Advertising, and multiple communications-related internships, Ashley has demonstrated a unique and natural ability for creative writing and a strong passion for storytelling.