“… my mortally endearing friends.”

An artist friend, Karen Gunderson, introduced me to Clarence Brimley, a 35-year-old spoken-word poet from NYC. Clarence sent along a few of his poems, but without the voice. I wondered how they would sound/feel when he speaks them, when they’re heard.  Clarence was glad to oblige, and sent along a few smart phone videos that appear here, accompanied by the written word. Hope you enjoy − another one of millions of emerging poets. — MRF

1: Pure Coincidence

Pure coincidence I don’t believe in, Chance doesn’t exist. If we believe that all of this is a beautiful mistake we are mistaken. For this what we call life is not an accident did not happen by chance. It has a purpose and many never find its purpose for various reasons, but we’ll get to that at a later date. You think you and I meeting was by chance, I think not! There is purpose for our meeting. We have something to teach one another. You will teach me things (ways of thinking) that are new to me and I will teach you things (ways of thinking) that are new to you. We will exchange knowledge hope to get a better understanding on this newfound knowledge. If understood gain wisdom. For there by we growing into new beings with greater wisdom than we possessed beforehand. To understand all this is great wisdom, indeed! To understand your purpose is even greater still. What are the chances of two meeting? I know not the odds??

2: You and I will bump heads

You and I will bump heads if given the opportunity. Violence isn’t working, how bout we try unity. Spread it throughout the world, every community. If this were a pirate ship there would be munity!  Arrr me mate why can’t we relate? Cause we all caught up in so much fucking hate. Like I hate this fucking world and I hate this fucking girl. How about I grab a knife and end her fucking life tonight. This is the reason I write. Because people fucking trife. To think they have the right to take another’s life. What the fuck is wrong with you? You disillusioned fool. Media trapped fooled into where they want you. Lead down roads of advertising segregation. Splitting up a nations that’s what this world is facing. Silly cronies chasing phonies down streets laced with lead. Sending boys out, who come back wild men. How long will it take before we get it in our head. They don’t really want us here. They figure we’re better off dead. And with that being said here is something you must hear. They got us with the fear. They place it in our hearts from the fucking start. It started out a seed. Then grew into a weed and now it’s as big as a mutherfucking tree. I pray we still believe I say I pray we still believe in something greater than we. For we are trivial, trivial children playing games. Being very facetious in something not so mundane.

3: Passing judgement

Passing judgement is not my job! I’m here to assess the situation, form an opinion & handle it to my discretion. If i don’t like it guess what? I won’t participate! Straight like dat. I don’t have to always like what you do, right? Does that mean we can’t coincide? Or for matter become friends? Share ideas? Become better humans? Without fear, doubt, hatred, disdain or prejudices of any kind? Treat one another with respect? What’s dat? Because all life is precious and should be allowed to flourish, right? The respecter of life is the true idea I’m trying to stress here! So what if he/ she is gay? So what if he/ she is Christian, Muslim or Jew? Aren’t those just labels placed here to cause segregation amongst us? I will not conform to the twisted views of this world created by humankind before me. I chose to love the person regardless of what the world’s views and/ or themselves have chosen to label them as. I may not like all of your ideas but I can coexist with you. If the world’s views have twisted your respect of life.We surely will not see eye to eye, but I wish you no ill will. You just won’t be invited into the circle of humankind I network with. Oh no! Now I’m being prejudice! Now dats da pot calling da kettle black!

4: Revolutionary type

Revolutionary type here we go to a new era where we have to make things better. Can’t wait for them. They’re fucking up wet dreams, dreams about heaven and the church’s revenue. And I try not to take things personal, but this is one that I can’t let slide. United we stand divided fall. We all goin crawl, if we don’t get on the ball. Put a stop to the nonsense hurry up and get conscious about all that goes on in our political sectors. We let loose these vectors who divide all our cheddar. With hopes and promises of things will get better!? Nope, Played like dopes we drop the soap and get poked again. Now we living in sin. Duped again! How on earth does this keep happening?! First, we forgot about GOD! Next, we worried about SEX! Oh, and don’t let me forget about the infamous TEXT! How impersonal we have become. We’re the ones making life no fun! Like rats and roaches scraping for crumbs, in these filthy slums. Look at what we have allowed us to become. Getting jerked like yoyos, dunked like hohos and split like oreos for the cream. And it all seems like a dream but it’s really real, son! I can really feel the missing intensity amongst this dense atmosphere. Let me say this stop living in fear. It’s ok not to trust but I must say we’re taking it just a bit to far. cause we could be better than we are? We could be swinging on a star? But how far will that take us? Do you think that’ll make us? it could break us in two? Then what would we do? Go back to the board? or maybe grab the sword? For they say if you live by the sword then you die by the sword. And that is our reward? Well then, I’d rather pick up a pen and a pad. Put down all the reasons I’m mad and speak up about this sad ass state of affairs we’re in!


About the poet:

Clarence A. Brimley, Jr., aka Foolosopher, Age 35. 
Writing is my passion. Living is my dream. Currently evolving in the constraints of New York City. I write so people will think for themselves. This is all that I am. You are my muse and I in turn yours. Spoken word performance is walking through the cosmos. Diving into the divine soul of the universe. Enjoy, my mortally endearing friends.