© Emel Karakozak

 Budding 16  | 40x100cm |  C-print


Photographer Spotlight



Woman is a being through which man feels connected to nature, as woman is very similar to nature in birth-giving and life-blooming characteristics. That is why many languages use the term “mother nature” while referring to nature. Woman is the bridge between life and man, and forgiving despite all. She is able to recreate herself and that is the source of her characteristics. Woman not only causes a miracle by giving birth, but also has the ability to reconstitute herself spiritually. And, she fulfills this by putting herself into the center.

“Budding”, the exhibition by Emel Karakozak, depicts these characteristics of woman using all the aesthetic and compositional figures of photography. Though the word “budding” reminds us of the “body” in English, it means “reproduction, regaining of life, regeneration of a cell.”  Such is the photography of Karakozak. 


*** Budding 12- 7 | 100x100cm | c-print 

Budding 11- 12 | 70x100cm |  c-print 

Budding 10- 6 | 100x100cm |  c-print 

Budding 7- 3  |  100x100cm  |  c-print 

Budding 2- 10  |  70x100cm  |  c-print 

Budding 1  |  100x100cm  |  c-print

Budding 13 (15) | 40x100cm | c-print

All images use with permission ©Emel Karakozak


About the photographer:

Emel Karakozak was born in Turkey in 1974. Her adventure in photography began in high school. She soon participated in many group exhibitions, receiving awards in various national and international competitions, and was a jury member in many photography competitions.

Living in Adana, she is the first woman in Turkey  with an EFIAP* title; She had her first one-woman exhibition ‘Lotus’ in 2010 in Adana Sabancı Fine Art Gallery, and her second in Istanbul’s Artgalerim. 

She worked in the 2012 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, 2011 Contemporary Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, and the 2011 Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair. Her works are in the collections of Hacettepe Art Museum, BAKSI Art Museum, the Romantic Bad Rehburg Museum, Steyerberger Rathaus Germany, Vittebsk/Belarus Center for Contemporary Art , the Cultural Center of the Zdwina and the Museum of Kreises.

She worked at Artgalerim Nişantası Art Gallery as a photography artist for three years and continues her carreer as photography artist at Artgalerim Bebek Art Gallery and Lust Auf Kunst Art Gallery. She works as a federation delegate and federation in TFSF (Turkish Federation of Photographic Art).

“Visual is my predominant side… I use the language of photography and I love this phrase. Maybe it does not contain letters, brushes and hammer blows, but it has a scene and fiction in its own world… Neither nature nor people, it has an integrity and continuity formed by a continuous chain. Everything is aimed to understand the whole. Life and death, which are described at the same time in my bipolar photography, which is a example of  my hybrid expression.”


  • Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, or FIAP, is an international organization of national associations of photography. More than 85 national associations are members, comprising nearly one million individual photographers. FIAP was founded by M. Van de Wijer of Belgium in 1946.