Through the “Door to the River” I See
no Brechtian “earthquakes to come,’’
only cool Coltranian chromatic riffs
ascending/descending  Giant Steps
tween heaven and house,
notes runnin-t-getha in clefs
of black juice poured between
strokes of the calligrapher’s
cursive script. Cool, cool-cool,
cool heat rising to the sky in the roof
of our common heart. We pause
in the saddle of understanding
and look over the edge of time
to the ancient rivers
while that agile between the notes
tumbles to our alluvial delta of Communitas.


East Village, NY July 1962

About the poet:

George Nelson Preston is an artist, writer, activist, and more. He is the founder & director of the Museum of Art and Origins in New York City ( You can read more about him in a profile by Dr. Petra Richterova here: