Photographer Spotlight

Slovenia’s Man on the Street

Artist’s statement:

I still stop my future models when I see them coming down the street and invite them to come to my studio, telling them I am making a new exhibition series. Some are happy about it, some don’t get it. To some an exhibition means nothing, so it gets very frustrating sometimes. Our relationship starts with the first coffee, explaining to them my vision.

Sometimes I have an explicit idea but it never comes out as expected, so it is an improvisation all the time. My daydreams never hold in practice.

I was very happy when I got an invitation from LensCulture to post my portfolio at their site, saying that  I am an inspiration for their global community.

(LensCulture Network:We see a lot of photography. It comes from all over the world — 145 countries and counting — and as part of our mission to discover the best, we discovered you.
The editors of LensCulture have hand-picked you to join a select group of working photographers from our global community…..)

I still use my middle format camera and film.

Janez Vlachy/Portaits

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