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A couple of months ago we received an e-mail with links to a two-part documentary by Dioniso Punk on street art in Rome, Italy. The short films came from David Capone. It’s a good thing a few of  the artists featured in the films speak English, because I would have been lost in translation from the Italian − except for the art, which speaks to the eye, not the ear. Spectacular. We’ve got great wall art in New York, and other places in the States, but the walls of Rome and its socio-political-artistic histories provide a different influence, as seen in these urban canvases.  I asked David if he would elaborate a bit on the details of their work. 

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Featured Artists: 

Street Art in Roma / Rome / Italy (Subtitled CC)

(part2) su youtube.com/watch?v=Hp0dy_3AbnI

Intervista / Interview con Solo Gaia Diamond 0707 Maupal Best Ever Bol23 Jerico Guerrilla Spam Sen One Sabrina Dan Stefano Antonelli (999 Contemporary) Marta Ugolini (Galleria Ca’ D’Oro) Agathe Jaubourg (Pasolini Pigneto) Alìn Costache (YUT!) Edoardo Martino (Villaggio Globale) Eleonora Zaccagnino (Acid Drop).


What is DIONISO?

A) The name of my project is DIONISO PUNK.

Q) When did it start?

A) It started in 2012.

Q) Do you need permission from local authorities, or landlords/tenants, to paint their walls?

A) It started without any kind of permission. Maybe that was the real reason that gave me the strength to do it, all by myself − sometimes, running after permits, or something, especially here in Italy, makes you lose the will and the true spirit of things.

Q) How many people are involved? How many are involved in any one project?

A) The people involved are few and occasional, but for some time I’m just the one who deals in interviews (written and video), articles for the webzine, video shooting and editing for the channels, and so on.

Q) Do you work as one big team? 

A) Where I live it’s very hard to collaborate. I do not know, maybe because of the way we interact with each other, everyone wants to be protagonists, unable to well recognize his role, and consequently that of someone who can do better (or worse) than you.

Fortunately, when my girlfriend gives me a hand with French translations, I can rediscover the spirit of a “one big team”.

Q) Anything else you care to add?

A) Our objective is to talk to the people, from all over the world, about life, love, pain, etc. through the medium of Art.  

Q) Where does your funding come from? Who buys the paints? 

A) As you may have figured out, we have no other funds than our pockets and our dreams…




Part 1

Gwen Stacy – A Street Art Documentary (part1) from Dioniso Punk on Vimeo.




Part 2


See more here: http://dionisopunk.com

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