Nick & Bootsy working the mics during their “music discovery” program in the studios of KKID radio, Missouri.



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“Everyone is local to somewhere.”

Imet Nick and Bootsy about 15 years ago in another lifetime, when we both were working the same chain gang pushing heavy metal around New York and New Jersey. There’s more to that story, but it doesn’t really have a place here. Suffice to say, Nick went his way and ended up on the radio with Bootsy giving voice to local bands and musicians, without much thought as to whether they were famous or ever would be. The fact that they’re still at it years later, and loving it, was enough for us to want to give them a little more light — and some play time — in Ragazine. If you like country music, blues tunes, and like to have a little fun, tune in to KKID, Rolla, Missouri. Tell ’em Ragazine sent you.

— Mike Foldes

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Q: Nick and Bootsy, you play with the blues band Diezelfitter… When did the band start up, and what’s your typical gig like?


A:  Actually, Diezelfitter broke up about two years ago. Life just happens. But Bootsy and I play gigs going by “Nick & Bootsy”,  and we generally get a drummer to add some back beat.

In the spirit of the Blues Brothers.

In the spirit of the Blues Brothers.


Q: Do you travel much to play, or are your gigs pretty much centered around your home town in Missouri?


A:  We like to play in our area, we do the summer festivals and the winery circuit…. Missouri has some of the best winery vineyards in the world and it’s really fun to play for a bunch of people drinking quality wine…!!!


Q: When and how did you two decide to start The Basement Tapes?


A:  It was Bootsy’s idea….  KKID contacted her to do their webiste, and they asked her what she wanted in return, and sheBasement Tapes-FB said she wanted to have a show on the air that promoted local musicians and bands….. Steve, the owner of the station said he’d be glad to give us a whole show…. that was five years ago, and we’ve branched out since then promoting independent bands and musicians all over the world, because our motto is “Everyone is local to somewhere”.  We get music from all over the world from fantastic bands and musicians that just want their music played to everyone they can reach.


Q: Can you give us a cross-section of your listenership? Is it mostly from streaming or local broadcast?


A:  Our live show in on KKID 92.9FM in the mid-Missouri area every Sunday night from 7:00pm CST to when it ends… Bootsy records every show, then edits it then next day posts it on Spreaker and Youtube, and our website, so all the bands and musicians can listen in and share it with their fans.


Nick and Bootsy and their friends.

Nick and Bootsy and their friends.

Q: Have you kicked around the idea of a TV show featuring basement bands?


A:  Actually, that is in the works right now….. we are really excited about working with Jon Ammerman and Quinn Crawford and Brad Hayes… coming up with a new local TV show featuring local bands and musicians, and Nick & Bootsy will be right in the middle of it all..!!


Q: What’s next for the team Nick Thomas and Bootsy Hambone — and where did you dream up those monikers?


A:  Our monikers came from the original Diezelfitter that was solely me.  I created a band in my studio that consisted of just me playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals, I just made up names for the different instruments in the band.  When Bootsy got interested in what I was doing, I taught her how to play the bass guitar and it was her idea to make the “fake” band a “real” band, so we became Nick Thomas & Bootsy Hambone in Diezelfitter, and kept the names for the radio show.  We’re going to continue to promote all the independent bands and musicians that send us their music, and love every minute of it.  I’ll continue to write my blues songs… and Bootsy and I will keep playing as long as somebody wants to listen… It’s just too damn fun.

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Q: Anything you would like to add?


A:  Thanks so much to Michael Foldes and Ragazine.CC. You’re the best…!!!  And be sure to check out our website at  You can listen to any of our past 240 shows in our archives, and Bootsy keeps a audio player updated with the songs from the last three shows you can listen to while you play your games on Facebook…!!!!  You know what I always say….. “Keep singin’ the blues…. cause they feel sooooooooooooo good…!!!”

Saturday Night Mix

by Nick Thomas and Bootsy Hambone | KKID Live

West Fade Away

by Nick Thomas and Bootsy Hambone | KKID Live