Last Deceptions


Regardless of how fond and fondling

stars inculcate the dark

there is yet to press the wax seal

against each enveloped space—

gaps  infinite and intimate

a woman standing by a window,

her back to the audience of antiques:


everything remains mad in its sanity,

the cheapest paradox conflates

being with mortgages: one payment remitted

another impending

like a man’s hand making

her shoulder knotted.




About the poet:

Marina Soler was born in 1986, and received her MFA  from Arizona University. She works as a legal secretary and weekend cellist to pay down her debt and avoid an academic career while she writes. Her work has appeared in Fabula, Texas Hold Em, The Ontario Review, and Incline Quarterly. She lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with her three wolf hounds, Finnegan, Cuchalain, and Sparky.