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Mapping Worlds



 Mattina Blue is a painter, designer and educator, whose work stands on decades of dedication to photographic and meditational practices. Her interest is in using the special qualities inherent to watercolor (bleeding, merging, flowing, layering) to evoke the emotions that rise and fall in our attachments and entanglements with other people.

A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology and Hampshire College, ​​her work has been exhibited, published, and commissioned for more than twenty five years. She is the author of three books and the creator of a number of large-scale public works. An insatiable traveler with a great love for the sea, Mattina spends much of each year teaching creative watercolor painting in workshops around the world. She lives and works in a reconstructed barn on the coast of Maine.

The series of works presented here, entitled “Following Seas,” is Mattina’s ongoing collection of watercolor paintings of her journeys.


 All images use with permission © Mattina Blue

The other thread in Mattina Blue’s work is a collection of paintings in an ongoing series called “Love, Passion, Prayer.” These are personal paintings created to express longing and the range of emotions in navigating relationships.