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Ink in liquids

Artist statement***

I was thinking of other ways to shoot macro photography, as I did macros from nature and insects, but everyone seemed to be doing the same pictures. I wanted something that would speak more to me. I did some test shoots with ink and water first, but methods evolved quickly and I found out that paint, ink and some other ingredients make interesting abstract shapes.

So I started doing this photoart series of Ink in liquids like water, paint and oil. I am fascinated by the colors and combinations what they create. Mostly shapes are abstract and everyone who looks at them seems to see them a little differently, and in their own way. I really like how colors and shapes intertwined together, and how every picture is different even if I use the same methods to do them.

My basic work process is something like this: I set up lights. I use two high intensity lights so that there is enough light for macro photography to get the colors as bright as I want them. Then I put a little white paint on a white plate for a base color (sometimes something of a darker color). I decide what colors of ink I will use and add them over paint. Then, finally, I add ingredients that make a reaction in ink and paint. I start taking photos and look for changing shapes as the ink moves. I do minor adjustments to the photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop, but mostly the pictures are what the camera captures. I look for new ways to do this constantly so that my photographs keep evolving.

  • — Mika Kangas

Ink in Liquids

All images use with permission ©Mika Kangas


About the artist:

Mika Kangas is soon to be a 48-year-old self taught photo artist from Finland. As an artist and photographer he feels he is just starting. He started photography with nature pictures about 10 years ago and then found macro photography. His works have not yet been exhibited.

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