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On the road in South Korea with David Gittens

David Gittens is as close to a Renaissance man as one can get these days, when you include the facts that he’s an artist, musician, designer, inventor, and for many years an ambassador for peace and understanding between and among Americans, as well as other residents of Planet Earth. His flying machine hangs in the Smithsonian; he has designed and built automobiles in the UK, and he regularly sends out non-denominational inspirational videos in celebration of the seasonal thresholds to an ever-expanding mailing list.

Only Hearts, 2000

On September 7th, David will head to South Korea on a music/arts residency at the Ureuk World Music House in Chungju, two hours south of Seoul by road.

It is the arts component of the trip that was brought to our attention, a project reinstated from 17 years ago called the “Only Hearts” Arts/Peace Project. The project was presented by 3500 Sarasota students writing and painting on the topic of world peace in the new century at the two-day millennium celebration at the two-day Sarasota 2K millennium celebration at Phillippi Estate Park.

The project/template is being introduced to students in Chungju soon after David arrives, and their creations will be used as a component of the United Nations International Day of Peace celebration on September 21st . . . and featured in the Autumn Equinox celebration at the Ureuk World Music House on the afternoon of  September 23rd.

The aim is to grow a dialog about peacemaking between students and educators in Chungju and Sarasota on peacemaking and conciliation, and to grow this arts tapestry into a dynamic voice that crosses borders — everywhere.

Here is the link to the new “Only Hearts” web portal:

David envisions this as a timely and heartfelt artistic endeavor,  and asks of  Ragazine readers . . . “How would you creatively answer these children?”

Only Hearts, 2000

“Would be great to clone myself in the busyness of it all: 10,000 Hearts in Rhode Island, ICA – Peru, and Yaron Fishman creator of MyPeace.TV are lending support . . . Yaron is sending a video of him reading on enlightenment/peacemaking to be shared in our Chungju presentations,” David writes.  “I’m so looking forward to grokking what South Korean kids think about the US playing nuclear insanity with their lives and what their take is on peacemaking so close to their very real ground zero.”

The photographs are from the event in Sarasota in 2000. We will be publishing photos from the events in South Korea, along with a follow-up article from David upon his return.


Photos by David Gittens. Reprinted with permission.

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