A World Premiere Video from Club K


Let M Shake

(Small Bear Records)



by Fred Roberts

Music Editor

Special to Ragazine.CC



Ragazine is pleased to present a world premiere video by Club K out of Kristianstad, Sweden. If you’ve heard of Club K before you will probably want to skip straight to the video. It’s from their second album Let M Shake, which is as charmingly fun as their debut (Der er Ikke din Skyld) and followup EP (I’m a Whale). Their appreciation of Frank Zappa shines through, in the sound but also in the mission. The way Zappa created Ruben and the Jets to express his love of doo wop rock and roll, the members of Club K show their love of the sixties and lo-fi genres in this set of eight wonderful tracks.


From Zappa inspired instrumentals (Shake), to Egyptian surf (Tutan, Come on!), and a dance groove so infectious, it would turn a wax museum into a disco (She’s OK). Nora, as enigmatic as ever, delivers three of the vocals, Bossa Nova, Van Gogh, and the song I keep coming back to, Flower Power, sweet, strong, inscrutable and the most powerful singing-shout I’ve ever heard, as well as the only one I’ve ever heard.


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Let M Shake photos by Fred Roberts


Club K visited Hamburg late last summer and performed these same songs to an enthusiastic reception at two different venues, a good-sized club Bel Ami in Bergedorf and at Gängeviertel, the artist’s district of Hamburg, where they transformed an empty field into a festival crowd. Compared to the first time I saw them, more than two years ago, the frequent tours have shown their effect. The instrumentation and interplay on stage have become much more advanced while the humor, charm, cohesion and chemistry of the band feel as natural as ever. Every song was an onstage party. And will probably never be played the same way twice.


So without any more babbling from your friendly neighborhood music editor, Ragazine is proud to announce the world premier of the video Flower Power, before it goes viral:




Director: Matilda Henningsson
DoP: Marcus Pernebjer
Editor: Matilda Henningsson & Marcus Pernebjer

Thanks to:
Humana Malmö
Malmös växthus


Album: https://clubksmallbear.bandcamp.com/releases