Aging gracefully,

With an eye for dementia


I recognize celestial impotence

Floating in my soup.


The architecture to scale,

Yet somehow out of proportion.


My creator, a diminutive man

Spilling forth in an over-sized suit,


Does not fit into his body.

Though I have burst into mine.






Inspired by the part of



That does not belong to



(nor you)


To settle inside

Of a brushfire –


I don’t want to


Make small offerings

In your name


To the love I keep

From myself






“Winter Parodies”


It happens like cold air

Filtering the warmth

That clings to my insides.

This is winter. Nature dictates

That everything must be moving slower.

There is an attention to detail

That presents itself to

Each individual block of matter.

I see snowflakes

Floating precariously unaware

Of all these circumstances.

This is winter: A set

Moment of deliverance

In relief of itself.


Néstor David Pastor is a writer and musician from Queens, NY. He is a graduate of Binghamton University with degrees in English: Creative Writing and Spanish Language & Literature. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Spanish at Queens College. His writing has been published by The Rumpus, Newtown Literary, and Handsy Lit. In addition, he is a frequent contributor to the music blog Play Too Much. He has released music under the name Neutral Tones, including an EP in 2014 produced by Fraser McCulloch. You can contact him at