Songbird’s Strum Storm

Anaphora happens at the beginning.
Anaphora is a prelude.
Anaphora has not started to move.
Anaphora is shaky.
Anaphora shines obliviously.
Anaphora introduces it anew.
It is the birth.


An enigma is contained by small spaces.
An enigma crawls.
An enigma grasps at straws.
An enigma holds no cards.
An enigma loses itself purposefully in the woods.
An enigma pulls itself upwards.
An enigma stands on its own, bleeding.
An enigma grows longer.
An enigma shuts its eyes.
An enigma descends slowly.
An enigma breaks itself.
An enigma loses its cards.
An enigma throws the straws.|
An enigma moves along.
An enigma stretches between small spaces.


It chooses to start again.
Omega does not send greetings.
Omega shows up exactly on time.
Omega takes only a moment.
Omega finally looks at itself.
Through the high-minted rock, sand, and steel;
Through the stucco walls and pine fences;
Through the marble monuments and polished limestone;
Through the fragile plastics and glass;
Through the wind, rain, and fire;
Through the devastation and destruction;
What looks back?


What sears our lines,
Perfects the time,
Retraces our signs,
Invigorates our cries,
Determines our directions,
Soils our truth,
Feeds us indiscretion,
Abuses our sensation,
Pushes for procreation,
Denies habilitation,
Feigns aching,
Impresses on putridity,
Exaggerates fertility,
Conforms reality,
Distracts survivability,
Attracts sovereign; All that and
Expulses fumes, filth, nature, notion, realism and sleep;


But nothing and everything?

About the poet:

Reme Terrelonge is a senior Sociology major at Hartick College in Oneonta, NY. Compared to others in the field, Reme is new to all of English, only having taken five college-level courses, with only three of those classes focusing on poems. For fun, Reme likes to catch up on the news of the past week or so through YouTube videos and singing, either with his singing groups Not So Sharp and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, or by himself in the shower.