All the windows broken

snow drifted into the interior.

Some demon had left it on six feet

of track some seventy years ago.

Demons function efficiently

during the winter.


It was seen and not seen.

When eyes walked past

those six feet, space became

blank, time went elsewhere.

What demon would devote

demonic time to so useless

a task?


It must be that demons

are quite as stupid as

those of us who are not

demons. It must have

taken some considerable

amount of energy to blank

out six feet of trolley track

from the world, not to

mention the windowless

trolley itself.


In  warm weather I sit

inside the unchanged

car and go as unnoticed

as the old vehicle itself.

While I sit, old ghosts

come to visit. We read

the daily Mirror, and

sometimes, if its warm

enough, we take a little





Stephen Kaplan has published poetry in the following publications: “Onthebus”, “Midstream”, “Tribeca Poetry Review”, “Iodine Poetry Review”, “Taproot Literary Review”, “Mobius”, “Ciron”, “Poetica”, “Sounding East”, “Slab” and two New York City themed anthologies, “Tokens” and “Bridges”, among others.