“The Slave Ship”

                              J.M.W. Turner (British School)

A wash of color.
Red emerges,
then yellow, white,
finally the darker colors.
A streak of brightness,
neither yellow nor white,
vertically slashes the canvas.
In the distance
the masts of the ship emerging
from the dark sea,
looking like blood-red capillaries
reaching into sky-brightness.

A foot emerging from waves,
toes pointing up, 
dark loops,  
no bodies visible.



                         Concert Poster

               a girl dances
               in white space    one hip
               navel exposed   breasts
               covered by a thin wrap    nipple
               one arm flung
               up    flowers fall thrown
               the other out straight hidden
               beneath wrap fades to
               no hand  
               legs sheer wrapped
               black waves pulsate
               around her    echo her shape
               in them
               worlds radiate
               deep in space
               failed dancers



                   Nude Descending a Staircase

               the prism fallen cracked in
               many pieces the eye trapped now
               inside sees in all directions (no
               longer limited by the skull) at once
               all the long afternoon descending
               the light dancing (no longer
               limited    by the eye



About the poet:

Steve Carter is a writer and jazz guitarist. He taught music and English at Berklee College of Music. His first book of poems, Intermodulations, was recently published by Maat Publishing (www.maatpublishing.net). His poetry has appeared in many magazines, including Hanging Loose, Carolina Review, Stand, and Clackamas Literary Review. He has 10 CDs of his music available on his independent record label, Frogstory Records (www.frogstoryrecords.com).