The Feverish Friction of Quivering Flesh


Take a walk with us through the psycho-sexual

forest in William Wolak’s World of Collage


I make collages out of all kinds of materials.  Most are made out of paper engravings. Many collages are digitally generated or enhanced.  To begin a piece, I select some sources—either color or black and white. If I’m using  magazines or prints or old books, I cut out some images or parts of images that interest me. Then I start working on a background or some other sort of chance construction. Much is left to fleeting insights. These are tiny miracles of inspiration. Depending on whether I’m using scissors and glue or digital images, each collage could take several hours. Sometimes it takes several days or even weeks to know if a collage is finished. Much depends on the kind of collage and the size.



Helpless Astonishment





Don’t Touch the Scars in Light





With a Shyness of a Catastrophe





A Cursory Inventory of Delight







An Unknown Trembling






The Tingling You Seek






A Dream Warms Your Pillow






A Breathless Overture








A Deepening Euphoria




About the artist:

Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak is a poet, photographer, and collage artist. He has just published his fifteenth book of poetry titled The Nakedness Defense with Ekstasis Editions. His collages have appeared recently in Naked in New Hope 2017 and The 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Mr. Wolak teaches Creative Writing at William Paterson University in New Jersey.