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Steve Poleskie/Then & Now

How many innocent civilians have been killed by our military drone strikes?  Many of these MQ-9 Reaper drones, on combat and surveillance missions over Afghanistan, are remotely piloted by members of the 174th Attack Wing based at Hancock Field, just a short drive up Route 81 in Syracuse, New York. How must it feel to go home to your wife and kids in Mattydale after just having destroyed, by mistaking them for a group of Taliban, a wedding party of innocent Afghan civilians?

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The Reunion/Marlene Olin

He packed a week before his flight, bringing twice the amount of clothes that he needed. A sport coat in case people were dressing up. Jeans in case people were dressing down. A sweater in case it was cold. A golf shirt in case it was warm. For the first time in his life, Calvin went to a fancy salon where they manicured his nails and shaved his beard. He felt buffed and polished, his engine in good working order, his chassis gleaming. He read and reread each of Miriam’s books. He felt ready to tackle the world.

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The Age of Jackals/Henry A. Giroux

What must be remembered here is that neoliberal fascism cannot be understood narrowly as simply an economic system. It also functions as a form of public pedagogy and mode of persuasion and rationality intent on naturalizing its own worldview. Most importantly, it works through a range of cultural apparatuses to depoliticize by colonizing justifiable forms of mass anger and redirecting them into cesspools of hatred aimed at those populations considered disposable.

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