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Rustin Larson/Poetry

Me, Being Rude A woman knocks, asks what I think the purpose of life is. Possible answers: 1) No. No, thank you. 2) The purpose of life is to not be asked such questions. 3) There is no purpose. Life just is. If the rose-petal...

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Legacy: Lucien Clergue

At the age of nineteen, he managed to meet Pablo Picasso and show his work. Leaving the Arles bullfighting arena, Lucien Clergue summoned his courage and approached the then 62-year-old Pablo Picasso to show him his photographs.  Clergue worked for the next two years to prepare a portfolio to impress the master.  His photos of Provence and postwar ruins led to a five hour conversation with Picasso in Cannes in 1955 when Picasso promised to design a cover for Clergue’s first book as well as a poster for his first exhibition.  While the poster was too provocative for the organizers to use, this meeting resulted in a lifelong friendship until Picasso’s death.

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Brittany Markert Revisited

  May 14th 2019 vs March 18th 2015 1. May 14th, 2019 “ It is no longer about myself or my camera, today I choose to show up.’  2. March 18th, 2015 “ I looked in the mirror and realized everything I needed was right in front of...

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Primer to the Primaries/Redux

The ideological struggles noted speak to the tensions between economic and social (wo)man that have existed throughout human history.  In other words, it’s always been a contest over how to best manage the two elements tied to human nature.  Whatever systems might develop, this is something to keep in mind, particularly given that some form of capitalism may best serve the contemporary interests of both social and economic man.

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The Music of the Aztecs/Book Review

“A Sibyl of Fortune,” Jan Claire Starkey’s segment, touches on the mythic — both legendary and personal — from “God” to “The Sphinx,” and she recalls her childhood in “Magic Castles.” However, she really shines when undertaking one of the most irresistible topics for poets — that of Icarus — in “Above the Labyrinth.” However, this rendition takes after the stance of a mother as onlooker to her progeny’s downfall.

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